Fun out front

I raced the third round of the 2016-2017 SETRA Enduro Series in Brooksville last Sunday and won my class, finishing 52nd overall out of 131 … More


On track

I spent Saturday at Tampa MX testing my new Six12 Suspension, putting in three 20-minute motos in 90-degree-heat and working myself to exhaustion, despite … More


Endless summer

Today marks the official first day of fall as seen on today’s Google Doodle, but with temperatures expected to reach 90 degrees … More


Marvelous monotony

This time last week I was driving home from my race in South Carolina with second-place-wood from the 64th annual Little Brown … More


Brutal blast

I raced the first round of the 2016-2017 SETRA Enduro Series near Gainesville on Sunday and won my class, finishing 57th … More


Granted greatness

I took for granted riding both days this past weekend at the same spot; with Croom’s more than 2,600 acres, I don’t … More

Real freshie

I’ve traveled a few hundred miles since my last post – from shooting photos at Tampa MX two Saturdays ago, … More


Riding home

Before pulling up to the Croom Motorcycle Area this past Sunday, I would’ve bet the place would be deserted as temperatures climbed toward 90 degrees before 9 a.m. … More

Work well

I survived my first Monday at my new job and celebrated my one week anniversary on Tuesday. It’s been a … More


On with the circus

One of my off-road racing buddies now working as a motorcycle stuntman commented on my new job assignment, “Welcome to the circus!” … More