Will show

Today marks 29 days until the start of the national enduro season in Sumter, South Carolina, and after a season of rest and recuperation, including a recent frigid ride in the mountains, I’m looking forward to returning to head-to-head competition and getting back on the podium. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and preparing for this upcoming season, imagining all of the obstacles and how I’m going to overcome them. Just the thought of returning to racing is energizing and gives me something to focus on, even if, in full disclosure, the odds are long that I’m racing for the win; I’m still going to try, and my perseverance will show. Racing a 60-mile enduro is the one activity I’ve found that taps into my reserves of effort and motivation and helps me produce the energy for what I need to succeed, whether it’s negotiating better in the turns, adapting to obstacles or finding the capacity to make every second count. I never know what I’m getting myself into at the start, but I know I’m capable of anything, and that’s the best part.


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