Say grace


I’ve always struggled playing stick and ball sports, running and dribbling or kicking a ball at the same time. I’ve bonked my head too many times to count, crashing into trees that never moved, and I’ve broken more bones than most people. What I lack in grace I must make up for in clumsiness. But I’ve never used it as an excuse; I still ride as hard and as fast as I can every time I throw my leg over my motorcycle. Bruised legs and scraped arms are to be expected (sorry, Mom!). All joking aside, my clumsiness Sunday caused me to catch an unexpected tree vine between my goggles and my helmet, which ripped me off my bike (by an unseen-at-the-time force) and left me with a bloody scratch across my face, which was fun walking into work on Monday. I counted a number of jaws dropping as I explained “what happened now” with a laugh.


If a vine catches you in the forest and no one is around to see if your nose is still attached, take a selfie.

“You need a new sport,” someone said.

Another, “You’re hurt again?”

Most: “What happened to your face?”

I explained what getting coat-hangered off the bike meant – another freak accident – and how I ended up face-first in a palmetto bush. “The vine usually goes across your neck,” I explained. “It seriously tried to rip my nose off.”

Everyone’s shock made me thankful for another chance to turn a negative to a positive. I couldn’t let this get me down. Not now. I only caught the vine because I was riding the edge of the trail, trying to ride smart and avoid the deep whoops. Somehow, walking around with a smile on my wonderfully-scratched face, I had to have mercy on myself.

“See ya, Crash.” – my co-worker


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