I love training at different heart rate intensities and including workouts about 90 percent or above my maximum heart rate, which according to a recent workout, is 203. So, 90 percent of 203 is around 192 average bpm. (Side note: According to a formula published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, my maximum heart rate is 185.6?)

I ran just over a 5K yesterday and averaged 189 bpm with a max of 199 and a minimum of 137. Last week, I averaged 192-194 bpm, which means my fitness is improving. Over time, my average heart rate should continue to decrease as my work capacity increases.

I love being able to glance down at my watch and know how fast my heart is beating; it inspires me to keep pushing or go harder if I’m not already almost dying. This level of intensity is physically and mentally so demanding (especially in 80-degree-temperatures after sitting inside at a desk all day) that I’m completely exhausted afterward. Goal!

I can’t wait to wear this thing on my bike!

“The greater the exertion, the greater the rate at which calories are burned.” – Web MD.



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