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Working off the cast tan line

I celebrated getting my cast off, first, by purchasing the Polar M400 watch and, second, with a 4-mile run for the first time since February. Yikes. 

While I’m not cleared to ride, yet, but I am otherwise good to go with a split for the next three weeks, per doctor’s orders. My run was slow but steady and exhausting. Naturally, I forgot to stretch after, so I could not walk for four days. Today, I’m planning to run again and see if I can get my heart rate higher than 201 – my max four days ago. I’m fascinated by the amount of data the watch collects. From miles recorded to calories burned and inactivity alarms, the best part is seeing my heart rate zones – from 1 to 5, and the percentage of time in each.



With my 4-mile run, I walked 11,301 steps in 3.57 hours of active time tracked for a total of 5.57 miles. I sat for 6.54 hours, walked for 2.42 hours and ran over an hour with an average heart rate of 192 bpm. I can’t wait to try it out in the woods!










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