In tune

I’ve been scouring the web for news of whether or not the Stewart brothers will show up to Anaheim 1 next Saturday night. I’ve asked the insiders if it’s possible that they can just show up in a pickup truck or box van and enter – it is. There’s no room for their rig, though, so they’ll have to travel light…

I rounded out the Christmas holiday weekend by putting in a few hours at Croom and breaking in my new Alpinestars – thanks, Santa!


Break-in time

With less than 10 days until A1, Transworld posted about having “some time to burn before the start of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series” and catching up on Feld Motor Sports’ documentaries spanning the last three seasons. Score.

In other news, one of my motocross Google alerts pointed me to an article from about young racers in Uganda where “the sporting rivalry” between some families dates back to the 70s and 80s. Interested to learn more about the types of events, I read further to news that Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu was “brutally gunned down early this month. Kiggundu was a father to siblings Talha (MX1), Fathu (MX2) and Habib Kiggundu (MX50).”

The end of the year concludes racing seasons around the world and in the Philippines, Kenneth San Andres earned his 9th Rider of the Year title through victories in the Asian Supermoto, Pro Open and Pro 125 classes, saying his “success is for people who believe in me.”

“The challenge to be the best never stops,” San Andres said.

As for North America, I found this DMX Q&A with Canadian motocrosser Amelie Landry.

“I think it’s harder for a female to compete in everything, including everyday life! You always need to prove yourself a little bit more than boys, but honestly, I love this challenge. There is nothing I can’t accomplish as a girl.” – Landry


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