On with the circus

One of my off-road racing buddies now working as a motorcycle stuntman commented on my new job assignment, “Welcome to the circus!”

Pulling into the global headquarters for my first day on Tuesday,  I stopped before a security guard who confirmed my name on his sheet of paper. “You’re the last one,” he told me. I was still at least 5 minutes early. “Perfect,” I said and we caught smiles. He told me to drive down to the next stop sign, which involved pulling into a tight circular turnoff. “You sure can drive that big ol’ truck,” the second guard grinned. I told him my name and he peeled off my nametag sticker. On I went to visitor parking and then to the lobby where a friendly receptionist confirmed my name before offering me water or coffee. I declined, still staring at the #1 on the jersey of a replica Ryan Dungey and KTM hanging from the ceiling, and found a seat near the door by another new nametag. Everyone walking in smiled in greeting. Then I recognized my supervisor who stopped to shake my hand and welcome me to the team. His energy excited me, along with everyone else’s; it’s fun to go to work. The morning’s orientation included videos with a variety of visuals and footage from the circus, ice skating performances, monster truck shows and Supercross and Arenacross races. Naturally, I felt drawn to the racing action with epic shots of big air and crashing or bloody noses (during the safety section).

Our near mile-long walk around the facility toured rehersal halls, another dirt bike hanging from the ceiling, office spaces and a showroom with thousands of costumes organized by shape, size and circus. 

The tour ended through the mechanics’ shop with dozens of monster trucks in various stages of production. “They share everything but the engines, which are built in North Carolina,” our tour guide told us. I imagined walking through a similar fleet of race bikes one day. ❤


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