Silt up


I guess I’ve been riding too much lately – 5 times in the last month – because I blew my bike up on Saturday at the WORCS race in Mesquire, Nevada. I entered the Women A class and was able to finish one lap in 10:52.926 – 2 minutes behind the leader’s 8:49.492 . The Women Pro class, which started with A on Row 1, turned sub-8 minute laps. So my first WORCS race didn’t count because I DNFed. But I came around the second lap screaming through the wide open silt bed of whoops – more than I cared to hit – and I was getting really good power, the motor revving a little high, and then I heard a loud noise, the rear wheel locked up and I coasted to a stop and white smoke poured out of the bottom hoses. I guess I got lucky because the bike didn’t lock up or launch me flying; it just sputtered for a few seconds and then stalled.

With a sinking feeling in my stomach and a knot in my throat, I tried pushing down the kickstart but it wasn’t moving, so I pushed the ol’ girl up against a tree and started the long mile walk back to the pits. So that’s what a blown engine feels like, I thought. Really depressing.



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