Supremely singletrack

Another check off my bucket lust: riding in Moab, Utah.

I rode three times in two days over my Easter Break, hitting the most supreme singletrack and one of the sweetest trails I’ve ever seen. Camping off Dalton Wells Road offered a free and scenic spot in close proximity to this ultimate singletrack – the Sovereign area.

Rolling up the first section, I realized this was no beginner’s ride; actually, this was probably the most technical singletrack I’d ever seen and took all of my power not to die. This trail was world’s apart from the other two trails, which were mostly wider Jeep trails and although still technical, not too difficult for a strong rider – it was more scenic than anything (photo above.)

But this Sovereign trail was (terribly?) tough – a rocky ride through boulder fields, sheer drop offs, step-ups and switchbacks. It was a delicate balance of throttle, brake and clutch control and I thought, this is almost over my head, but at least it kept my interest. The trail, which was also open to mountain bikers, was deserted, thankfully. Surely, it would suck on a bicycle. I was going slow enough on my motorcycle!

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