“to dust you shall return”

I’m somewhat superstitious; at least with fortune cookies. I always eat it all before reading my fortune, which recently read: “This is a prosperous time of life for you.” 

I laughed loudly. Prosperous, I thought, was not having to worry about money, riding a born-in-the-last-decade dirt bike and flying to Palm-anywhere city for the weekend.

Prosperity is wealth and financial success; according to the dictionary, 1. “marked by success or economic well-being,” and 2. “enjoying vigorous and healthy growth.”

A few weeks ago on Ash Wednesday, the Catholic Lenten season started so I decided to give something up. This year, instead of giving up something like chocolate or sugar, I wanted to create space for something else (like God) to emerge by trying to see the good (the God) in whatever life brings me. I decided to make it a point to give up complaining, which I had been doing a lot of lately since I haven’t been able to ride that much this winter, and I’m not used to that having grown up in Florida where I can ride year-round. However, part of the reason I moved to Utah was to ride out west and grow in my faith by teaching at a Catholic school.


Inside the Great Hall at my school.

So, this Lenten season, I stopped complaining. No longer would it be “too far to drive,” “not enough fun,” or “too slow.” (I rode three times in the past month for a combined total of about 2 hours, but who’s complaining?) 

In high school, unless I was grounded from riding my motorcycle or injured from riding my motorcycle, I didn’t have much to complain about. I just lived life to the fullest and experienced as much as I could. When you live like that, you get a lot done.


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