Busy season

I spent my first weekend living in Asheville doing whatever I wanted: pampering myself to a mani-pedi, walking around with a coffee downtown after spotting my new place of employment, shopping at a local farmers market and Trader Joe’s, checking out a mega church and joining a bikram/hot yoga studio, which I did both Saturday and Sunday. Yes, it was crazy. I overheard two Trader Joe’s employees talking about Asheville and that it lacks the diversity and long-standing culture or traditions that they want. Only time will tell…


The Citizen-Times on Ohenry Ave. in downtown Asheville.

This time of year Asheville’s weather is beautiful and in the 80s but with little to no humidity so it’s not too hot like Florida. I drove with my windows down and it didn’t feel like a blow dryer. I really don’t know how I would get around without my cellphone’s GPS running through my car speakers. It’s kind of hard to navigate these parts and I’m definitely going to get a lot better driving around sharp curves and narrow streets, especially in my F-150 boat. 

The #BeforeIDie wall, a global art project, in downtown Asheville.

The #BeforeIDie wall, a global art project, in downtown Asheville.

I stopped by the Before I Die wall and contributed: Before I die I want to “change people.”

For my first day at bikram yoga, only five people showed up – all men, too, except the instructor. I was impressed since most yoga studios are usually packed with females. Well, Sunday was back to normal with about 30 women and one male other than the male instructor – I counted – packed into a 109-degree room for 90 minutes. I left a lot on the mat that day.


Asheville is a cool, walkable city.

Be biker-friendly!

Be biker-friendly!

For my first day on the job at the Asheville Citizen-Times, I received my press badge, parking pass, toured about the newsroom and introduced myself to most everyone in it. My boss asked if she should introduce me as Jennifer or Jenn and I said I didn’t know. I’m conformable with Jenn but I know Jennifer sounds more professional. I went with Jenn, anyway.

All smiles for my new badge.

All smiles for my new badge.

I’m learning a lot in my new role, including Asheville is not considered the south, actually; it’s a unique place unlike anywhere else, and I think I’m going to love it here.

“What are the vegetarians on the couch doing for lunch?”


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