Come down

I’ve been down for more than a week since last Sunday’s race disaster sinking my bike in a lake in Plant City. But I’m coming around since the holidays are right around the corner and I’m on vacation until January when school starts again. Right now, I’m scheduled to teach eight classes next term so here’s hoping this winter break helps prepare me for that! I’m still going through regret from racing (and swamping my bike) last weekend. But I told myself a long time ago that I would rather regret things that I did than things that I didn’t do, and I was feeling strong and healthy and my bike was running perfect, so I signed up and after a mid-pack start, my goggles were worthless and I regretted not preparing my roll-offs for the race. (I never had the luxury of roll-offs growing up and so I didn’t know what I was missing. But I do now.) Matters worsened as my trusty glove-across-the-goggle wipe was not sufficient; maybe it’s because I’m faster than I was in my teens but I could not see so I took off my goggles, which is something you are never supposed to do! And everything happened so fast with my protective layer gone and mud globs in my eyes from the rear tires of the guys in front of me. I only lasted about 3.5 miles until they ran us through a shallow pond and I fell into a rut from a previous race that sucked me in and sunk me to my fenders. Race over.

The ol' girl wouldn't start after we took a swim so I took my first DNF of the race season.

The ol’ girl wouldn’t start after we took a swim so I took my first DNF of the race season.


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