Gobbler Getter


The motor home gets 8.1 mpg!

The worst part of enduros is waiting for the actual enduro! Especially this one since it’s a 10-hour drive from Orlando to this race in Alabama. We spent 24 hours in the motor home just getting here after crashing in the Walmart parking lot last night after our steak dinner.


Strolling into Walmart this morning

I’m traveling with two fast friends who I’ll try keeping up with tomorrow though my main goal is to stay safe and have fun.
Tomorrow’s race is said to be 60 ground miles and the weather around 9 a.m. when we start is saying around 40 degrees, which is way too cold for this Florida girl.


Perry Mountain in Maplesville, Alabama

Today we pulled into the track after lunch, got our row assignments, (but no route sheet?) and affixed our scorecards to front of our fenders…we’ve pretty much been sitting around ever since.
Thank God my friend Lee has four girl friends racing an Ironman (swim, bike, run) in Panama City today, though the swim was canceled due to weather, and so we’ve been following their pace for the past 12 hours.
It’s dark out and they are just now finishing – after a 6 hour bicycle ride and a 26.2 mile run. The crazy thing is these chicks are all over 40!


You can tell how bored we are by this spreadsheet!

What big shoes I have to fill as I turn 30 this month. I’m looking forward to keep getting better.


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