It’s been a busy fall semester so far for The Seminole Scribe student newspaper staff. The first issue is always the steepest learning curve for them: they’re learning how to write without opinions, interview sources while taking notes, set up quotes in their stories and design the newspaper. We also went with a new look this semester, a smaller glossy format magazine-type publication, which a lot of people say looks a lot better. Plus none of that nasty newsprint residue is leftover after reading it. Score!


Left to right: Spring 2014 issue of The Seminole Scribe and Fall 2014 issue of The Seminole Scribe – Medical marijuana made it on the ballot so we thought it newsworthy to feature on the cover.

In my “spare time,” I’ve been trying to improve on my design skills in Florida Trail Riders Magazine by using more of the Photoshop filters and tools that I’ve been ignoring for years. This year’s cover story features a 24-year-old Vermont native who moved to Florida after “retiring” as a professional trials rider. He taught me some new lingo like “splatter” and “jap zap,” which are terms familiar in the trials world for certain techniques they use to climb over obstacles. I

I’m gearing up for a trip to Pop’s Place this weekend for a little R&R, which will mainly consist of anything but since I’m taking the dirt bike along with my running shoes.


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