Bad day

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The best thing about yesterday’s 60-miler, besides not breaking down like I did last year, was the amount of calories I burned while racing my dirt bike for 3.5 hours.
The worse thing was…everything else…I toughed it out when I wanted to quit after the halfway point since the course, although tight, fast and technical in some spots, was a lot more of the deepest whoops known to Florida, which were a constant strain in my neck that still hurts from a car accident two years ago. It probably didn’t help that I smacked my head on the ground more than a few times when I hit a stump going too fast and the back end came around sending me down. I hit my head so hard in one of the crashes that it gave me a migraine that’s still hanging around this morning.
Something I learned is that I need to be a little less courteous to the fast riders behind me because I would move over for them when they passed only to get caught in between logs on the side of the trail or end up in a ravine going down the side of the trail getting way off course and losing precious time.
Afterward, I can’t really say I had that much fun besides getting to see all my friends because of how bad my neck hurts today, how terrible my results were and how embarrassed I was crashing on the hill after the last reset in front of everyone but I AM thankful to be walking though I didn’t even unload my bike last night when I came home. All I was looking forward to was getting a massage at noon today. I keep seeing people’s posts online about how awesome the course was and how much fun they had and I’m left wondering, “Did we ride the same race?” I guess when everything’s going well for you, you tend to overlook the negatives and when things just suck and you have a bad day, it’s easy to overlook all the good stuff and wallow on the dark side. The worst thing was having people ask me what happened and that they just didn’t understand why my score was so bad. But I was due for a bad day.


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