Woods racing

I crashed only three times today in my 30+ mile race through tacky mud and seriously slippery technical trails, twice in the wide open turns within half a mile right after the start and once again on the beginning of my second lap in the fields while reaching for my Camelbak and losing focus through the sudden muck. The lack of traction snuck up on me and I almost crashed about 17 other times hitting slick spots without warning and I had to use all of my concentration to get myself in the lead. I came around the first lap after 11 miles and I got the “wide open” sign and few cheers along with a thumbs up and I was just happy to not crash in front of everyone.
A problem with being in the lead is not being able to stop and fix my bars that I’d bent in the first crashes. I learned to ride with it and tried riding smart even though I wanted to go faster; I did not want to crash more.
I tried not following ruts in the wide open wet grassy straightaways and want to thank my new friend Andy Wallace for his advice before the race about riding into the grass on the sides of the trail. He said there was about a tire’s width of space that was not in the mud.
That advice saved me a lot of times and I saw others getting squirrelly riding right in the middle of the ruts.
Andy also held my bike and kickstarter tape, which he had never seen before. I showed him where I liked it on the lever to keep it back and somehow grabbed the overall holeshot in front of at least 20 bikes, which pretty much made my race right there and I started hooting and hollering around the first corners unable to control my adrenaline.
I can’t wait to see what, if any, my GoPro captured. Before today I had not ridden my bike since August. But I’m starting to think that the less I ride it, the better I love winning.


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