My compass

Fill the tank and drive the car
Pedal fast, pedal hard
You won’t have to go that far

These Lady Antebellum lyrics are helping me through some tough times lately, especially the hook: “When it’s all said and done, You can walk instead of run, ‘Cause no matter what you’ll never be alone.”

I came upon some unexpected circumstances and my roommate and I have to move out of the house we just leased in Cape Canaveral. My heart is not right with this loss. Personally, I feel like people have been letting me down left and right and professionally, I feel restless waiting on others to get their act together or I’m just ahead of the curve, like before my time, or I don’t belong here anymore and I’ve reached the glass ceiling in terms of what I can accomplish; maybe I’ve achieved all I can in Florida. So I’m opening myself up to the possibility of settling somewhere else when I used to think I would live in Florida forever. Now I’m not so sure.

Something my dad said recently struck me and made me feel tremendously better immediately (Pops always has a way of doing that!) He said something like, “You know what the best thing about freedom is?” And I looked at him blankly, thinking of a million answers and knowing none of them would be what he was thinking. He answered, “You get to choose who you hang out with.”

So there.


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