Crash is back!

I joined 16 other bicyclists last night for an 18-mile urban ride through the streets of downtown Orlando and beyond. This was my first urban ride in more than 2 years but what made me more nervous was meeting an entirely new group of cyclists (we are competitive by nature and often a little standoffish until we get to know you.) Plus, I had no idea how fast this “fast Tuesday” ride was. Before, we used to meet on Church Street but that ride started getting “too fast” for some and so the folks at Retro City Cycles started hosting a ride for the “not too fast.”

Tuesday's ride around Orlando

Tuesday’s ride around Orlando

Ironically, it was still FAST and, according to my heart rate monitor, my heart rate peaked at 190 BPM and averaged 161 BPM. Also, my max speed was 30 MPH – riding down the John Young Parkway overpass around mile 13 – while I averaged 10 MPH, which is hard to believe but we did do a lot of stop-and-go while waiting up for people. Thankfully, I was not the slowest and I only crashed once, less than a mile after the start in front of everyone, but at least I got that out of the way early!

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