Part 2: Google search and trends

Daniel Sieberg of Google said, “We take the idea of using search (conversational search, voice search, mobile device search) somewhat for granted. With search, our motivation is to push you to the content that you need quickly.”


  • The Google Knowledge Graph/panel is a database of structured knowledge about the real world.

Whenever you type in a query in the Google search bar, you can utilize the Search tools button and ask Google to be a time machine and custom search. If you want to ignore words, you can include a minus sign (salsa recipe-tomatoes). If you want a definition: type definition:(insert word). For related pages, For specific sites, search and search terms. Another way to isolate information is to search by file type, search filetype:ppt or csv or whatever file type. You can also search site specific and file types ( filetype:doc injuries)

For public data, sometimes it’s as simple as typing in the right keywords. Google Public Data Explorer ( can be a great place to start for research. Sometimes just a graph can be as compelling and interesting as a visualization. (Check out Advanced Power Searching and Power Searching on YouTube.)

For image searches, type in bike diagram or how does an earthquake work? You can also use and click on the camera icon, insert a photo link or upload a photo and force Google to find the image and verify or compare the image to see if it’s been doctored. Cool! you can see what’s trending now or you can customize your search and zero in on a neighborhood by clicking on Explore In-Depth.

Google Correlate can filter out what people are searching for and what’s trending around it.

“Sometimes hashtags are added depending on the content of the post, and it should be clickable in most cases.”


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