Gobbler Getter

I returned Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. from the Gobbler Getter Enduro in Maplesville, Alabama. We drove straight through after the race so I could make it to work on time the next morning. I am thankful to my like-minded three travel partners; you know who you are!

The event itself was a first for me, and my first time in Alabama altogether. I was surprised at how polite everyone was, from the gas station attendants to the waitresses at the steakhouse, but maybe that’s because they knew we were from out of town. Wonder how they could tell?

Anyway, the Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club hosted its yearly multi-sanctioned enduro for the Florida Trail Riders, Southeastern Enduro & Trail Riders Association and Southern Enduro Riders Association. We ended up on row 22 out of at least 60 rows, which means, at four to five bikes per row, the club signed up around 300 riders – an impressive turnout for an enduro but really not surprising. Prior to the event, all I heard about Perry Mountain was how much fun it was and worth the drive.

I found out Sunday the 60-mile race had a little something for everyone. To be continued…


Photo by Robin Wigand Lichtenwalter


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