Back on top

I think I’m more sore two days after Sunday’s Hare Scrambles than I was after the Enduro a few weeks ago. Maybe that’s because the track was rougher (definitely true) or because I rode harder this weekend (mostly true.) I obviously rode harder knowing I was in first place but that’s the power of the mind. Thanks to all the training I’ve done over the summer, both mind and body, I was able to hold on for more than 36 miles and take the win – my first first place trophy in more than 10 years. #1 is back! Shout out to my Pops for tuning my bike. I think it’s the best YZ125 I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few…


Photo by Lacey Nordle

Yesterday at work I was walking around in a daze and someone said I looked lost. I wanted to tell them why, that my rear was sore and that I didn’t know if it hurt worse with my butt cheeks rubbing together or to sit down. No amount of burpees or pushups can prepare an upper body for two hours on a dirt bike, that’s for sure.

Looking back, I think I could have ridden harder, but I was trying to ride smart and, by the last lap, had yet to lay it down. Of course, as soon as that thought occurred to me, that I might just win the race without one crash, I washed out in a grassy corner. Still, the bike started right up and I only lost about 20 seconds. But coming into the chicane on the last lap, I could have kept going and I don’t think that’s ever happened before. What’s that saying, “Youth and treachery are no match for age and wisdom.”


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