I have an idea for a video blog for next week’s First Time in College freshman who I believe could benefit from a crash course in etiquette and how to succeed in a land unfamiliar. I consider myself the Perpetual Academic, having spent four years a few hours away at USF in Tampa, and then working a staff job at UCF while waiting tables after graduating with a bachelor’s, a year in Syracuse studying for a master’s, to working as a professor at SSC. I love college and everything about higher education, even walking into the bookstore excites me. Always has. But I haven’t always known what to do, where to go, or how to talk to professors. I didn’t always sit in the front row, stop by during office hours, or introduce myself to my classmates during a break. I’ve realized that education, for some people, can be intimidating. So, I’m inspired to start sharing my knowledge with others, from applying for federal grants to what to do on the first day of class.


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