Twitter is…

…an incredibly useful tool for journalists–for research, for outreach, for marketing, for career development, for professional networking, etc. At the risk of repeating myself, if you dismiss Twitter out of hand as being pointless, you’re akin to the luddites 20+ years ago who looked at that big crazy thing called the Internet and dismissed it as a fad. It’s wrong, it’s short-sighted, and making such claims is akin to announcing, “MY CAREER AND I ARE NEVER MAKING IT OUT OF THIS CENTURY.”
Take it from someone who’s been fishing Twitter for about five years and caught sources, feature ideas, blogging gigs, long-term freelance assignments, access to invite-only events (which led to OTHER paid assignments) and, ultimately, a full-time job: You do. But, it’s your choice, I guess. God bless you.

Jenni Beezus Spinner


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