Don’t be a turkey

I cheated, eating everything I’ve avoided for the past few months: bread, butter, dairy and more (except alcohol). It was SO good and worth every bite. Pumpkin pie was my favorite. Twice. But now I feel hungover by food and heavier all around. So, it’s back to my paleo way of life and keeping it simple with lean meats and fresh vegetables, lots of water and healthy fats like almonds, coconut and avocado.

At the dinner table, I tried to explain the paleo diet and the belief that most people are born with (or acquire) a food allergy to gluten, which leads to discomfort and inflammation. And, I’ve recently learned: “People of the Celtic ancestry, like the Irish, are more likely to be gluten allergic.” But I don’t think I was too convincing. And to be honest, I was not too convinced at the beginning. I wondered how I would avoid my favorite breakfast foods like coffee creamer and bagels, butter and cream cheese, my after-dinner desserts and Diet Coke! Oh, it was hard the first few weeks, feeling starved and unsatisfied, but I pushed through for 30-days, losing about 7 pounds, which was enough to convince me that I should keep going for 30 more days. So, I did, and by the six week mark, I was down almost 17 pounds. It seemed to happen overnight that none of my clothes fit anymore. But I proved to myself that I could do it, and that eating clean makes a difference because I had considered myself “healthy” before. I rarely ate fast food and consistently worked out, but I was not seeing results. Now, I’m a firm believer of this way of life and I’m thankful that I challenged myself these past few months to overcome my cravings and sweet tooth!


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