Winter Park

I just ran about 4 miles with my mom in her neighborhood and down the streets I used to stomp around, hoping I would be able to exercise with my children if and when that ever happens. I’ve been thinking about parents a lot lately as it relates to health and life expectancy, wanting to prepare myself and the ones around me for the longest life possible.
The 60-paleo challenge at my CrossFit gym ends this weekend, so Monday I’ll weigh in and turn in my journal. It’s been a hard habit to get into, eating clean and avoiding all processed foods, but once I got there, I noticed changes across the board, from my waistline to waking up rested and steady muscle growth. I’ve had to explain my “diet” to more than a couple of people, and I still would love to talk more about it. Sticking to paleo is challenging, but I found peace of mind having no cravings, losing weight (I dropped about 20 pounds) and generally feeling better and more in tune with my body. One of the best weapons for me was my water consumption. I drank through a straw more than 75 ounces a day, or more – my water bottle held 16.9 oz so about four to five of them. The trainers said half your body weight in water and all of your body weight in protein. So I went through a lot of protein shakes, too, learning the GNC guys by name. Still at the end of the day, I have nothing to wear to class because my pants are too big, my shirts look stretched out like someone else’s and I want to go shopping; I need all new clothes. But I don’t want to stop eating clean, so I’ll probably keep shedding the pounds. Now I know how all of the supermodels stay so thin…my only unanswered question is should I wait to lose more weight before I go shopping?
Eating clean is already more expensive. I’m thinking of going pro and cooking all of my food on Sunday and Thursday, carrying around Tupperwares full of pre-cooked chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli and wheeling around a mini-cooler. That should help save some money.

“Life is good today.”

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