One weigh

The other day, I weighed myself for the first time since September 11 and I’d lost nine pounds on this “crazy” paleo diet that I’ve been pretty much committed too since. I’ve only cheated on one or two pieces of sushi, a bite of potato salad or a french fry or two after 30 particularly long days of teaching full time, trying to CrossFit and snacking on nuts and berries or celery and almond butter. Since I no longer drink alcohol, anyway, the detox period has not been as hard on me as I know it has been for some, but I was still surprised that I dropped that much weight. I haven’t had one soda or sugary snack, either. I overheard the CrossFit Lake Mary trainers talking about weight and the quality of the pounds or the body fat percentage. So, even though I’ve been eating like a caveman and passing on bread, cheese and everything else Americans eat too much of, I’m still turning fat to muscle, which might actually make me gain weight eventually. Hmm…still, I’ve never slept better, wake up feeling well-rested, drinking tons of water and trying to stay motivated!


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