Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.


I’ve been thinking of something to blog about after finishing the second week of the fall semester, teaching the journalism class and lab again along with two TV production classes for the first time. I’m excited to help develop the journalism program at the College and planning for the photojournalism course already approved for next year. The opportunity to pick up a few TV production classes required me to expand my video production skills and I was introduced to Avid Media Composer, a software unfamiliar and supposedly superior to my Final Cut Studio skills. I’m also taking my knowledge of journalism and applying it to TV, reading up on how to speak a similiar language.


I’m excited to see what this semester brings me, especially since joining a local CrossFit gym a few months ago. I’ve always made it a point to try a lot of things in my life at least once, although, since starting CrossFit, I have no thoughts of quitting. That’s because it’s brought me a lot of things for the first time.

For the first time, though I’ve raced dirt bikes since I was 13 and broke my first bone before kindergarten, I feel light headed and nauseous and/or high during and/or after the workouts, my legs wobbly walking out to my car, ready to lock out any minute climbing the four flights of stairs to my apartment.

Funny thing happened when I emailed about the free intro class. A guy with my last name replied inviting me to a morning session next week. (Later, he would introduce me to his wife, who spells her name Jenn Sheppard, too, which confused him at first.) That Monday, I joined another newbie for a basic intro class,  four more consecutive days of “Fundamentals” class, and signed up for twice weekly classes for the next eight months, hoping to supplement my days off with workouts at home and regular runs around the neighborhood. Plus, “the box,” as they call it, is less than a mile from the house meaning that I have no excuse not to go. Within the first week, I noticed slight changes in my body but now it’s really starting to show. But the workouts are not getting any easier. Knowing I can get through it is easiest part. 

So, tomorrow starts a 30-day paleo challenge. 






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