Mind the Gap

This weekend I attended Round 1 of the 2012/2013 FTR Motocross Series at Bostwick Creek MX Park in Green Cove Springs, Fla, just west of St. Augustine.
I arrived just after sunrise Sunday morning, having never been to the track at Bostwick, wanting to beat the early birds but, as you can see, I was late.
Early birdsPulling into the track, I ran into some old friends, feeling welcomed at once, and went to find the track owner who handed me a fluorescent orange crossing guard vest when I asked about shooting photos on the track. He looked at me cross: “Have you ever done this before?” I gave a confident nod, wanting to laugh in his face. “Yes, a few times,” I said. He told me to  introduce myself to the medic, who told me to stay away from the landings of the jumps. (Really?) Walking away, I felt overcome by barriers, but trusted in myself and trudged on for hours, driving home with more than 600 photos.

Riders meeting


Nicely groomed practice track ready for ruts

Cody Thomas

Cody Thomas exits the podium after taking a first moto win.


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