May showers

It’s been raining for days around Central Florida and, although we need the rain desperately, this kind of weather brings gloom and doom, reminding me of Syracuse AKA Drearycuse!

Speaking of ‘Cuse, one of my social networks notified me that a former classmate, Michael Masucci, was recently hired as an Adjunct Professor at State University of New York at Oswego, where he will be teaching a course in public relations. It’s so exciting to have another Newhouse grad in front of the classroom! Congratulations!

We sent a few messages back and forth about the job; I told him of my first semester challenges – like how the students should refer to me since I don’t hold a doctorate, I am not technically a professor, and then, half-joking, I said I could write a book about what NOT to do in your first year as a college professor. The next thing I know, he’s emailed another former classmate of ours, who also happens to be teaching at Oswego, about turning my idea into a reality! The blog “might get some good traction with other new/first year professors out there,” he wrote.

Now, I’m off to see if something like this already exists…




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