Yesterday, on the 27th, I turned 27, which is often referred to as the Golden Birthday: the birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate.

I also share my birthday with Ricky Carmichael, the greatest motocross rider of all time and Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitar player of all time, and Caroline Kennedy among others, so that’s how I know I’m destined for greatness…
Alas, this birthday was fairly low-key. I woke up to breakfast in bed, left for work, stepped out for lunch, and returned home to find a “Number 1” chocolate cake with my boyfriend’s mom singing “Happy Birthday to You.” Then, he took me to Colorado Fondue, a fancy restaurant I had never been,  where, I learned, we had to cook the food over a 700-degree hot rock. It was so cool and one of the best birthdays ever because I realized I (still) do not know everything. And, while I still feel the same age inside, I have a feeling, this year, I will be taking a lot better care of myself. 
“Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them.” – Anna Magnani

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