MX South

On Saturday, I hit up Thundercross MX Park in Okeechobee for a little moto photo session with Augie Lieber and Dale Kump who both qualified (in the Junior 25 Plus class) for the Red Bull Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships presented by Amsoil in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. on August 1- 6, 2011.

Thundercross was our second choice as the private track where we originally planned to meet was flooded, so we hauled 30 more minutes to open practice at the track that brings back so many memories for me… I raced a GNCC there once and also a few FTR hare scrambles. At the gate, the fellas signed in and I noticed a sign for the Woods trail.  “How come you’re not riding?” One of the guys asked. “I don’t have a bike anymore,” I told them, “But if I did, I would definitely ride the woods!” The fellas scowled – “Nice FTR sticker” – then laughed.

Anyway, here’s what I produced for the MX South blog.  More to come…


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