I love meeting people – perfect strangers – who identify me by a particular piece of clothing I’m wearing and stop and ask (in disbelief), “Do you ride?” My face lights up and I laugh. “Of course, I do,” I say. “I’ve been riding since I was 4.” Then, the other person, wearing a brand name hat or t-shirt, usually scoffs and throws their head back in delight…the rest of world disappears.

The other night, when this happened, I found myself deep in a conversation with a musician from Full Sail University who also happened to ride dirt bikes back in his home state of Oregon. We immediately hit it off, talking shop and name-dropping; he told me about his friend’s start up company – MOTOlife – and asked if I knew anyone in Florida who was looking for support. “For one, I need support,” I said, as well as thousands of other motocross and offroad racers who live the moto life. “That’s the biggest thing about the company,” he said. It doesn’t matter how many times you crash or how bad you finish, it’s all about having passion for the sport and never giving up. I told him that the off-road racers could relate too because, in my opinion, they have to train harder to ride longer. Together, we brainstormed ways to get the word out about the company and possible ways to branch out in Florida. As this went on, my friends started getting annoyed. “This is supposed to be a girl’s night!” they exclaimed. But I couldn’t help it, as I told them:  “It’s not everyday you meet someone who lives the moto life.” They rolled their eyes and I turned back to my new friend. “They just don’t understand.”


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