Tough Guy

I just interviewed Ian Trettel for the next issue of Florida Motocross Magazine. He’s a 19-year-old professional motocross racer from North Carolina, but his parents live in Florida where he grew up racing.

From left to right: Justin Barcia #51 and Ian Trettel #119 from the amateur days in Gainesville

I’ve interviewed him before, back when he was an amateur coming up through the ranks, but this was the first time we’ve spoken since he turned pro at the end of last year. And he’s already one of “the hottest rookies on the gate this year.”

Ian Trettel on the gas at the Mini Olympics in 2009

After speaking with him on the phone – he lives in Lake Elsinore, Calif. during the supercross season – he’s still the same soft-spoken kid I remember. But he did seem a lot more confident and sure of himself. Maybe that’s because he’s older – he turned 19 on Saturday – but I’m guessing part of the reason is because, in the first supercross race of his career, he finished fifth and was the highest finishing rookie as well. Of course, the story of how he got to that point is most interesting. I can’t wait to write it.


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