On the inside

The Augusta Chronicle reported one Georgia county commission just approved plans for a new 21-acre motocross track on Gordon Highway! Reader reactions? “Bring it on! Great job, guys! Thanks for hanging in through all the red tape.”

The Nuclear Cowboyz freestyle show comes to Tampa this weekend!

MotoConcepts’ Vince Friese stars in a long feature from the Southeast Missourian.

Newbie executive editor at MotoUSA Steve Atlas writes about his first time “Back in the Saddle” after knee surgery. I normally click away from first person narratives, but I identified with this one’s mention of the Zen-like feeling “as you fly over a 70-foot tabletop.” Not that I fly over tabletops anywhere near 70-feet, but I get it. I do.

Now, it’s been quiet here @no1jenn, but I can’t seem to peel myself away from the Olympics long enough to sit down and write anything creative for fun! So, in case you’re wondering about the different kinds of winter sports, like me, I found this article from the United Kingdom on All you need to know about the F1 of winter sports.

Oh, and snowboard cross is NOT like NASCAR, care of the Patriot-News.

Esquire chimed in with the 13 Secrets of Vancouver from North America’s Loveliest Olympians!

The Los Angeles Times reports menswear and motocross details emerging as fall trends for women at New York Fashion Week: “I always wanted to live a man’s life in a woman’s body.”

And, saving the best for last, a feel-good story from Michigan! PHOTO

Along with a few photos from one of my first photo assignments: capture people on campus. The professor forgot to mention it’s practically illegal to take picture of people on a private campus.


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