Ed. note: After typing the Advertising post, the motocross world suffered a great loss when 21-year-old Costa Rican and Florida transplant Oscar Diaz was shot and killed following his championship win at a race in Guatemala. Countless people around the world are missing Oscar “De La Hoya” Diaz, an enthusiastic and successful motocrosser, a gracious friend with a brilliant smile and a promising career. I dubbed him the “Charming Costa Rican,” in our April 2007 interview. May he rest in peace.

Oscar and at Gatorback 2009

Oscar and at Gatorback 2009

Last week’s mind-blowing lectures on “The End of Advertising as We Know it,” reminded me why it is I love college! The genuises at IBM conducted a study that the next 5 years will have a greater impact on the advertising industry than the last 50 years! This also made me and every other journalist in the class glad we’re not advertising majors. But, then again, advertising is no longer geared toward a mass audience. Now, it’s all about the individual customer, and user-generated advertising has already begun to take over.

Friday, everything came full circle when I experienced something for the first time. I was sitting at lunch with a group of friends when my phone rang, so I stepped outside for a second to take the call.

“Is Jenn there?” The caller asked.

“Speaking,” I said in my semi-professional tone.

“Speaking?” The caller laughed and I recognized the voice right away. It was 18-year-old Lucas Crespi, the one next on my list to be interviewed!

“Hey, Lucas! What’s up?”

“Nothing. When are we going to do this interview?”

Wait. Pause. Never in my all my years of working as a journalist have I been tracked down by my subject. I was floored.

I smiled into the phone. “Is someone a little anxious? This is great! You’re marketing yourself!”

“I’m trying,” he said.

“Well, I have been thinking about what questions I’m going to ask you,” I admitted. “I’m working on it!”

He prodded, but I told him it was a secret.

“Well, I gotta talk about my friend’s new clothing company he just started,” he told me.

“All right,” my grin widened. “We can do that.”

“Do you have enough pictures?”

“Why, yes, I’m pretty sure,” I said.

“I’m sending some more,” he said. “There’s a few of me surfing.”

“Sounds good. What are you doing this weekend?”

He made a joke and then another. “Sitting on the couch with a broken foot.”

Lucas’ interview will have to wait as we plan a tribute for a fallen hero in October.


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