Good News

This just in! Thanks to DZP, I found a link to the interview with James Stewart on E:60! The King of the Hill is a must see!

More from Number One.

In preparation for my move to Syracuse, I’ve been following for the latest. This morning, Vice President Joe Biden, a 1968 graduate of SU’s College of Law, delivered the commencement speech to more than 5,000 graduates. His message?

“It is individuals who do determine the outcome of these moments,” Biden said. “Absent our input and leadership, the world will continue to careen in the direction the momentum is now taking it. That, folks, is an inflection point. Do nothing, or take history into our own hands, and like few generations are given the chance, bend it; bend it into the service of a better day.”

Check out the 2009 Rankings of the nation’s bike-friendliest states. Florida ranks 32nd , while New York is 41st and California is 14th?!

Happy Mother’s Day and good luck to everyone at the Bremen qualifier!


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