May Day

May is National Bike Month.

The first day of May calls for a celebration with May Day, Mother Goose Day, Space Day and Loyalty Day, but I’m still wondering what the heck happened to the April showers? There’s been a severe lack of rain on the Florida peninisula. It’s actually drier than it has been since the seventies! South Florida is exceptionaly dry and firefighters in the Everglades are dealing with the Deep Fire in the Big Cypress National Preserve. There’s fires burning in Orlando, too. At least I can still stop and smell the jasmine and the orange blossoms from time to time.

So, someone from the Wall Street Journal is paying attention. I found this blurb about Saturday’s sold out Supercross finale at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. “Mr. Reed is threatening revenge for a supposed block by one of Mr. Stewart’s teammates,” said the author.

Then, there was this about that in the USA TODAY: “Vegas is gloves-off,” Reed said. “I don’t think James respects our rivalry. He thinks he’s the only guy out there. If I can pass James aggressively, I won’t think twice about putting him in the tough blocks, but I’m not going to put myself in position to go down.”

Call me crazy, but I’m pulling for Stewart. His attitude speaks volumes, and he just aint worried about a thing. “I always let my actions speak for my words,” James said. “I just want to get through this weekend and be done. The last thing I want to deal with is that guy. I’m not worried about getting taken out. As long as the track doesn’t have alligator pits, we’ll be all right.”

Don’t forget the race airs live on the SPEED channel Saturday night at 10 p.m. EST.

Click here for an awesome video and read of the Red Bull Compound in Valencia, California. Watch how New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood throws himself around like a rag doll on his Kawasaki. That place is insane! 


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