Check out this YouTube video on the rider’s reactions to the lead law, and they saved the best words for last.

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I drove over to Dade City for Saturday’s Sponsor Cup and, as always, it was a great night of racing with a huge turnout, including another appearance from Sean Hackley, the first Toyota TMX sponsored rider and a product of Robb Beams’, which will be featured in the 10th Anniversary issue of FLmx!

Check out this video of the newly designed race track at Dade City, courtesy of Randy Yoho, and the track designer Ian Millett.

With Derek Hall missing from Saturday’s lineup, Ricky Renner picked up $50  for the fastest qualifying time, and the rest was HIStory. When the gate dropped, going for broke was about the only thing to do! It was just beautiful to watch, through my fingers covering my eyes as I tried standing still. I could not believe the pace. It was for sure a knock-down, drag-out fight and anybody’s race to win. Those guys were out for blood and I wished they rode like that all the time. Well, maybe not.

Renner stayed solid in the main event, barely edging out Michael Clarke and Jesse Freeman for the win, with Hackley and Ian Millett rounding out the top five…tbc


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