Not even the coldest weather of the year could stop me from attending the fourth round of the Florida Winter AM Series at AMPxtreme, so, Friday night, I drove the three hours from Orlando to the track in Madison County and arrived just in time for…bed? Not. Curiosity got the best of me, and I was poking around the pits looking for movement when I found a group of people gathered by a fire. That’s when I decided to stop and steal some warmth, since it was barely nine o’clock and I was wired from the coffee on the drive up. I really figured I would at least recognize someone standing there, and it wasn’t until I was right in front of the fire that I realized that these people were speaking Spanish! Talk about language barrier! With the help of their English translator, I learned their entire group is from Venezuela and all about their rider, Anthony Rodriguez. (There’s even a Web site Truth be told, I had been wondering just who the #7 Yamaha was – he came out of nowhere at the Waldo round, was running up front in the Jr. Mini class and totally handed it to the other thirty riderrs in both motos, and then again at Dade City, he took the overall in the Supermini class. The kid can ride the sand, and he just throws it in the corners like no other! I told the translator I would be on the lookout for him this weekend and was looking forward to it.

It was 24 degrees when I woke up on Saturday morning, and this Florida girl felt like an eskimo, I was wearing so many layers! The track was rough and one-lined, and riders dusted off their sand skills and tried keeping it on two wheels! It wasn’t easy for everyone, and this weekend was no exception when a few really good sand riders showed up for the pro classes on Sunday – the Medaglia brothers put on quite a show – even the police came out to watch!


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