One week of motocross was not enough, so after the final day of Mini O’s was over on Saturday, I arrived at Hard Rock Cycle Park on Sunday morning with good reason. When you think Joey Gibbs, you probably think big, Nascar big, or Washington Redskins big, but there’s this little 11-year-old boy also named Joey Gibbs who, when compared to JGR, is pretty small. That is, until the folks at Hard Rock hosted a benefit ride for him and his family after Joey was paralyzed while riding at a local practice track a fww months ago.

Upon entering the track on Sunday, the skies looked treacherous and there was even a tornado warning in the area. Still, a few big names showed up, including guys like Mike and Jeff Alessi and a girl named Jacqueline Ross. Grant Langston was also scheduled to host a motocross school, and there was a silent auction stacked with jerseys, including a Joe Gibbs Racing Crew Shirt autographed by Coy Gibbs.

Mike Alessi almost blends in

Mike Alessi almost blends in

Joey pulled out of there before I even had a chance to catch up with him; rumor had him on the way to an appointment of some sort, but the important thing is that we came out, after all!

All motor and Jeff Alessi

All motor and Jeff Alessi

Joe-RO and J-RO

Joe-RO and J-RO


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