I usually never leave home without my camera, otherwise this post would add some very nice photographs of the 2009 KXF450F that was sitting in the driveway when I popped in to the Bigalow Museum of Motorcycles the other night! There it was, posted up against the fence – the purtiest green #159 bike I ever did see. I barely managed a “Wow” before I’d closed the door of my truck and cautiously approached the beast for a closer look. The fellas joined me in awe, like, “Isn’t it sweet?” and I just nodded. The new KMS graphics made a huge difference and the green hubs, as Quinton pointed out. I had noticed them, but I didn’t know that this was part of the Monster Energy Edition. Man, that thing looked so good, it was jaw-dropping and I remained speechless for a good minute or so. “Have you ridden it, yet?” I asked, and proceeded to hear all about the new fuel-injected system, the chassis, the slimmer frame and everything else that was new for 2009. The concurring opinion was that the new bike would take some getting used to. “But I bet you’ll like it once you get used to it!”


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