Home sweet home

I jetted back to Florida just in time for Hurricane Fay, which made landfall as a tropical storm, but brought enough hype for everyone in the area to bombard the local WalMart for enough supplies for a month without power, and the electricity hasn’t even so much as flickered. The dire calm is interrupted by the sudden whistle of winds and trees flexing at 90 degrees, or a ponderous downpour. Then, I hear a few cracks of the tiny tree branches in my front yard, but the giant oak tree still stands, thankfully, and I’m still blogging. I guess we’ve had about six inches or so of rain. It’s funny, this storm got confused and actually gained strength over the peninsula – that’s a first – because the land is filled with so many lakes and swamps, and warm water adds fuel to the fire. And, she’s a slow mover – like eight miles an hour – I can run faster than that! Then, of course, there’s video circling of a Fort Lauderdale man who was riding a kite board during the storm and got slammed into the side of a building by a wind gust. Um, why didn’t he just let go?


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