May Flowers

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month as officially launched this year by the AMA at the US Congress.

I’ve been riding motorcycles for at least 18 years – albeit off-road – and driving for a good six years legally, but it seems like every day I witness some sort of auto driver ignorance, or there’s another stuntman practicing his stand-up wheelies down the interstate during rush hour.

Around town, there seems to be almost this Anti-Motorcyclist movement where cars try and block them, or they’ll creep right up behind the bikers in traffic. It makes me cringe! I saw a guy taking his girl for a ride the other day. They both had on helmets, but the bike looked a little small for the two of them. Anyway, the driver behind them was RIGHT behind them, and she was not letting off. I watched her accelerate all the way up to the rear tire, and this was in stop-and-go traffic. Then, she’d slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the biker, but she was back on the gas just moments later. Something’s gotta give! I made my way past this scene because I just couldn’t take it anymore, and then I realized the driver was on the phone! Go figure.


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