Happy Sunday

While every four-wheel fan and his mother will be watching the Daytona 500 today – the weather in Central Florida just couldn’t be better – I’m headed up to Reddick for the first round of the Florida series.
Except for a few, who are off exploring other obstacles, most of the regular crew should show face, for there’s a Loretta Lynn’s qualifier coming up here very soon.
We’ll see…

I might get a chance to race the FTR harescramble at Gatorback next weekend, and that would be so awesome. J-RO asked if I’d sign up in B or A, and I’m like, “A, dude,” and she laughed, “Ohh shh…” like suddenly I would be racing against her.
“Yea, I could prob’ly hang for a lap,” I told her confidently. “I was kinda fast back in the day.”
I smiled, pulling her leg.
See, there’s a big difference between me and the one and only Jacqueline Ross. She’s not yet 21 and I’m so 23, but that’s not just it. I’ve seen this girl ride plenty of times, and I know she’s not scared; she hangs it out; she’s aggressive and swift. I can admire her competitive nature because that’s one of the things my dad said I wasn’t. But, then again, he was the one who always told me that if I wasn’t having fun anymore then I should stop.
So, ultimately I turned out a little laid back during a race (in life???) and hardly went bar to bar – more like bar to bark.
Anyway, I told J-RO I’d let her pass me for sure. We laughed and it was good.


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