All clear

I just got word that Bigalow will get back on the bike for the first time since his neck-breaking injury just six weeks ago. His doctor wouldn’t sign him off to ride per say, but Quinton said he felt fine, and the doc said go for it…just not in competition.

So, I’m going to Bithlo to watch him ride tonight and yell at him if he goes too fast. According to his father, the only person who doesn’t want to see him ride again is his mother – go figure!

I pulled into the track just as he pulled off the track. How was it?

“He wasn’t supposed to jump the table-table, but he did it on the second lap,” his dad told me and my eyes shot to Quinton, who looked bemused. “I’ve had butterflies all day,” his dad said.

We caught up with the fellas and waited for the next A/B practice to roll around. His buddies pulled in to the track – “What? Are you crazy?” I heard one ask. Quinton just shrugged. “I want to ride,” he said, his eyes sparkling and I knew there was no telling what would happen next.

It was funny – just standing there shooting the breeze with them, and this guys never even took his neck brace off. It’s kind of cumbersome anyway, but he was just chillin’ there in his Leatt – finally, it’s COOL to wear protection.

I watched Quinton clear every jump on the track – looking sweet on the ’08 in his brand new Fox gear and trying to rail the corners just like he’s used to. Seems he lost a lot of strength in his throttle arm as he struggled to control the roaring 450 through the headshake.

Table to table
Finish line table

“What do you think?” he asked me after practice.

You’re lookin’ good, man.

“I tried to whip it once at the finish,” he said. “I was skeert…I feel so slow in my cornering.”
“You need me to teach you again?” his dad joked.
“Nah,” Quinton said quickly.

It was all good.


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