My sister [left] is 17 today. Happy Birthday Katie!

The office is quiet…the boss and his mother are in Paris for the Supercross, and three blokes from the office went to England to drink.

I’m here and there’s a home game tonight, which I just found out about YESTERDAY and here’s how:

I was on my way to the gym after work when a cop car went flying by down the hill…Well, I just thought he was late for dinner. Once the Waterfront Hotel came into view, I noticed the blue-and-red up ahead and at least three huge motor coach buses blocking the intersection, along with two or three cop cars. Of course, I still had no idea what was going on. I found a spot in the parking garage before making my way to the hotel where I noticed the lobby was packed with people, giant people, all dressed alike in black warm-ups, with a red bird on the back…


The Louisville Cardinals. I was walking within inches of these huge football players and not recognizing a one, but the entire team. The air inside the lobby felt warm, heavy and full of tension. I worked my way to the elevators, where I waited with a few of the giants for the next one. The guy next to me was listening to his iPod, while the other played with his phone – probably the iPhone. Upstairs, the gym was packed with people for once – I usually have the place to myself.

Once inside the locker room, I heard a male voice through the wall in the men’s locker room. “Dude, you will never guess who is working out ten feet away from me,” the voice said. Then, a few minutes later, “Dude, guess who is working out in the gym right now?” he told someone else. I had to laugh, as I was not above feeling starstruck…for racers!


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