Tuesday – I learned a new word when I was jetblued on my way home from Providence, Rhode Island.

  • June/July 2007 Details – jetblued
  • v. to make passengers spend more than an hour on the runway
    provenance: buzzwhack.com
    usage: “We got jetblued on the way back to Boston-it took us eight hours.”

Here it is Thursday and I’ve finally the time to update my blog.


I found my home away from home in Morgantown; and no, it’s not the office. Actually, the Waterfront Place Hotel offers 24-hour access to their fully-equipped fitness center, which comes in handy with my precious work schedule. Plus, the gym is so close to the office, I can hit it before AND after work, just as I did this morning. I’m amped; the place is mostly deserted, so there’s always open lockers, an empty shower and a clean supply of towels whenever I go, AND the view overlooking the Monongahela River holds my rousing attention at least as I pound the treadmill pavement. For such a reasonable price ($167 for three months) and no contract or initiation fee (compared to elsewhere) – I’ll be set for winter! [http://www.waterfrontplacehotel.com/]


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