I need one

“Better drink a RedBull, you can’t sleep on life”

This weekend calls me to Providence, Rhode Island for the International KTM Sport ATV Launch. I’ll be traveling solo once again – from Saturday until Tuesday – with my biggest race assignment scheduled for the following weekend. The Steel City motocross national is Sunday, with the ATV Open Invitational on Saturday, August 25, or Jeremy Lawson’s birthday.

Lawson leaned it over at Loretta’s

The ATV Open brings the quads to the dirtbike national for more than just crew transportation. For the first time ever in motocross, ATVs and bikes will be share the weekend, though this happens all the time in off-road racing. Back in the day when I used to race harescrambles, you could ride the Women Quad class on Saturday, before racing in Women A on Sunday, and I did that once or twice. Yes, the quads widened out the track and messed up the turns, and I do like it tight, but at least I got to ride. Plus, I could dial in the track before raceday, save for the single-track to be cut in just for two wheelers.

Four-wheeling affects at Loretta’s

Somehow, I don’t see this idea crossing over in motocross. You couldn’t pay a quad rider to race a dirtbike, nonetheless attend a national; the Steel City race will be the first time for the lot of them. However, the level of expertise is really thisclose between quads and bikes, and the proof is in the laptimes. At this past weekend’s ATV Dirt Days at Loretta Lynn’s, I saw four-wheelers tripling into the Ten Commandments and again after the finish line, into the six-pack rhythm section. Perfect. The fastest lap times for the ATV Pros went to Chad Wienen with a 2:04.623 followed by Joe Byrd with a 2:04.628.

Wienen was good for 1-1 at Loretta’s

Byrd almost ran down Wienen

Now for the bikes, guys like Jay Weller turned the fastest lap in MX A Pro Sport with a 2:04.877 in Moto 3. PJ Larsen had 2:03.085 in Moto 2 of Motocross A. While Austin Stroupe pulled the fastest 2:02.756 in Moto 3 of MX Lites A Pro Sport. So, the pace is pretty much the same, but the sport is different altogether.

Larsen looking good with the No. 1 plate

Anyway – After 16 days spent at Loretta’s, I’m spent. I loathe the thought of packing another suitcase, since mine is still wrecked from before. Even so, this is trip coming up makes for an excellent – if slightly atypical – adventure story, but more on that later.)

Highlights and hearsay … soon


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