In life, the first time is often, and each one exciting as ever. I have another assignment this weekend, through Chicago to Walnut, IL for a AMA Pro ATV national. This will be my second quad race, but my first time in Illinois, and I could have sworn Chicago was a state back in the day. I’m just lucky it’s summertime.

Anyway, the quad nationals are a killer side up from the amateur races I covered down in Florida; there’s 8 real-time AMA ATV Pros on the gate. We’re talking twice as much weight flying through the air–read: your own personal dune buggy. It’s amazing to watch factory race suspension, and especially on these four-wheeled machines. I can appreciate the riding style of Mc and RC forever, but the quad is a bizarre beast. Naturally the manner of racing is different; there’s just more grip than traction.


Balancing an ATV is the easy part; it’s the jumping and turning that makes it hard. One thing is for sure; these guys are Professional-capitalized. I’ve never seen anything like this race for the win, and this weekend looks even mo’ better. With visiting Pro Suzuki riders, there’s promise yet. See ya!


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